Bella Rosa Boudoir Customers Testimonials
Bella Rosa Boudoir Testimonials


What made me be brave and book a shoot was seeing how beautiful so many other ladies looked! I wanted to see myself from the outside looking in. The whole experience was just amazing. I loved stepping out of my comfort zone & learning to love all my curves and little imperfections ♥



“I can honestly say when I saw these pictures I almost thought to myself, oh there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! And I fell in love with feeling beautiful. But this was special. And I’ll never forget loving these pictures so much, and loving myself even more. You guys are so great at capturing moments, moments you would have never thought could make a picture worth a thousand words. But I thank you guys dearly for an amazing experience. ” ♥

Bella Rosa Boudoir Customer Review
Bella Rosa Boudoir Customer Feedback


I wanted to capture this moment. When you reach a point in your life where you have realized you have over come so many opticals to finally be able to look your self in the mirror completely naked and love every part of your self, that’s that moment. I’ve always been conflicted with image and not 100% loving my self. At my corner stone of turning 30 I can confidently say I love whom I’ve become and love myself for being so imperfectly perfect


“Seriously, just do it!!! Whether it’s nerves, or you feel like your post baby body isn’t sexy, or you feel like you need to tone or lose just 5 more pounds, or you’ve never modeled before, the list goes on & on. Put all your insecurities to the side and book your shoot today!! I definitely did this for me, but I want to be a role model for my daughter and be able to show her EVERY woman is beautiful just the way they are!!”

Feedback by Loyal Customer of Bella Rosa Boudoir
Bella Rosa Boudoir Customer Feedback


First thing I said when I saw my photos was “there’s no way that’s me” I have never felt so perfectly- imperfect in my whole life. I fell in love with my thick thighs, my curvy structure, my unclear skin. I fell in love with myself and that’s what every woman needs.


For any women on the fence about doing a shoot like this, I would tell them to quit doubting themselves and get the shoot done.  Once they see themselves through your lens, they’ll develop way more self confidence! You made me feel gorgeous, sexy, and amazing. If you did that for me, you can change the world with making women confident about themselves! 🙂

Feedback by Loyal Customer of Bella Rosa Boudoir
Bella Rosa Boudoir Customer Feedback


I decided to book this shoot to reclaim my confidence as an individual. Sometimes life circumstances will test your sense of self-worth, but it is important to wash away those negative energies and keep your heart pure. The Bella Rosa bath felt like the perfect place to cleanse myself of my past and step into my future with stronger footing and more self-love. ♥


Well to be honest it took me almost a year to get the courage to do the shoot. My absolute favorite part of the shoot was all the feelings I had througout it.As soon as we started shooting I was filled with this self-confidence and love. I thought, I can do this!  And I was so happy I chose Mike and Brittany to have this experience with. I loved how beautiful they made me feel and how excited they were to share in the moment with me ♥

Feedback by Loyal Customer of Bella Rosa Boudoir
Bella Rosa Boudoir Customer Feedback


It wasn’t so much about being brave as it was about gaining self confidence and showing other pregnant women and mom’s out there that we are all beautiful and should all do shoots like this to show ourselves how beautiful we all are. Child bearing is hard enough on our bodies and we shouldn’t feel insecure about the vanity part of motherhood. I want to tell everyone mom or soon to be mom out there that what we do is a miracle and we should all be proud to show off our body for what our bodies created. Love yourself and do this for you 🙂


The session exceeds my expectations. I knew the session would be fun but I underestimated just how comfortable I would feel being photographed. If anyone was hesitant to schedule a shoot I would tell her to go for it! It was the best decision. There is so much self reflection that happens and when you look at the photos after you have a special appreciation for yourself. Its such an amazing feeling.

Feedback by Loyal Customer of Bella Rosa Boudoir
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